"Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open!"

I'm not sure who said that but after 43 years on this earth I've found it an inescapable truth. Here are some of my values and reasons why they're important to me. All of my business partnerships are based on dealing with people who share these values. Life's too short to do it any other way!

CommunicationI’ve committed a lot of energy learning good communication skills. My degree is in Speech Communication and verbal communication actually helps me organize my thoughts. Good communication avoids many problems and helps everyone know what to expect from the process. 

Honesty – This should be a value for everyone in my industry since its part of the fiduciary duty Realtors have to their clients. I’ll let you be the judge of whether that’s true or not. Honesty and loyalty are the foundation for every relationship.

Loyalty – Represents placing your client’s needs above even your own. Unconditional loyalty is hard to find these days. You become a part of The Gerard Team and that teamwork benefits us all.

Excellence – My drive to succeed for my clients is the most important aspect of my professional life since it’s the measure of success for me as well. When I’m excellent being your Realtor great things happen for you.

Challenge – Lots of people don’t like a challenge; to me it helps define success and keeps me from becoming complacent. Challenges also help ignite creative problem solving.

Optimism – It’s important to have a grasp on reality but being optimistic makes a difference in tough situations. Sometimes that’s what it takes to see the opportunity in the challenge.

CompassionI care a great deal about the clients and vendors I work with. Helping them accomplish their goals is my primary mission. Part of my work week consists of Home Retention Counseling to help people get loan modifications so they can avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes.

Integrity – This represents a commitment to this set of values you’ve just read; my code or brand as a Realtor. You’ll see it and feel it with every interaction you have with The Gerard Team.